"Working with Allison is both rewarding and scary.  She really coaches me in a way where I get instant results that translate into tangible outcomes.  Just from our first few sessions, Allison helped me solve some long standing problems in my business that was also affecting other areas of my life.  She gives not only great advice, but coaches in a way that allows me to put actions into place.  Being a World Champion, she knows what needs to happen to be the best.  If you get a chance to work with Allison, jump at the opportunity, you will be richly rewarded."

Pascal Martin

General Manager of PM & Associates

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"This Talented and beautiful young lady Allison Shreeve has a heart of gold when it comes to helping peole be successful online, especially 'Beginners' like me. She goes 'above and beyond' her call of duty with her coaching/training. Her one on one coaching calls are exceptional. Her personal help and patience has been priceless to me setting up my page. She is an expert! Thank you Allison. Anyone needing help to be successful in INTERNET MARKETING, just contact Allison."

- Margaret Ohara

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"Allison was one of twelve official Ambassadors who worked to promote and support the event via our conference Ambassador program spear-headed by Cathy Freeman.  Allison was an asset to the program, working with us on a number of events to raise the profile of the conference and it's objectives.  She also made a fantastic contribution to the conference itself speaking at the Gala dinner and in her role as MC/Facilitator of the Women's Sport Festival held on the last day of the conference.  I would highly recommend Allison as professional, articulate and an engaging personality who brings vibrant energy and enthusiasm to her work."

Carolyn Hamer-Smith

International Working Group on Women and Sport

"Allison's presentation was nothing short of inspiring and her amazing successes to date, despite personal and life setbacks clearly illustrate the importance of setting goals, embracing positive thoughts and adopting an unrelenting faith in your own ability.  Her passionate delivery and desire to motivate others left an uplifting energy in the room.  A breath of fresh air.  I would highly recommend her as a speaker."

Rebecca Williams

In the Can Media

"As guest speaker at our recent Heels of Steel luncheon, Allison inspired our guests, both women and men, with her passion and commitment to all aspects of her life.  It's clear that Allison plans, prepares and puts into practice her skills to achieve goals and never lets adversity stand in her way.  She's a winner in all ways and I'd highly recommend Allison as a speaker."

Lane Kruger 

Events Manager, Clubs Queensland